Lynell Randolph

My booth features Hand Painted Mandala Rocks, Tins and Jars.
I also hand make Jewelry and do Jewelry repairs.

I started making Jewelry after going to the first Sandy Mt. Days with my mother. We saw earrings that I liked and I thought, “I could make those.”  So I did.
After making enough to gift the entire family and friends I knew I needed a regular venue.
I joined the Boring City Market, I participated there for about 4 years.  I really got into jewelry making when my Father died. I needed to keep busy so I moved to NW Creations & Collectables.

My jewelry was a success, but I needed another outlet, Cyndi mentioned that I should try painting rocks. So I did and I got pretty good at it. So I added painting lids of tin containers, and candy jars.

My family inspires me with everything I do. First my Mother and now my Sister, Husband and kids all seem to enjoy what I’ve created.

I really appreciate that people like my products. As any crafter will say ~ “It’s made with Love!”