East Wind Creations-HLJ Photography

East Wind Creations

Vendor 406/701 Heather Wells

What products do you feature?

Handmade Soap, Lotions, Bath Salts and Lotion Bars
Photography – Prints matted/framed, greeting cards,
bookmarks and post cards

How did you get started?

It began when I got my first camera as a child and then in high school, I was a yearbook photographer.

Who inspired you?

I have been inspired by Ansel Adams, Mark Rothko and William Neill.

What is it about you and your products that make them unique?

I love photographs of water reflections. Look closely, many think they are paintings.

What is special about you or your products that you want customers to know?

I am still actively shooting in film with my photography.

With my soaps they are all locally made and are free of any surfactants or chemicals.
The soaps have a high glycerin content which means it will leave your skin feeling naturally soft and not chemically stripped.