Carmela Henderson

Grammy’s Treasures

I am a wife, mother, and grandma and great grandma. I have lived in the Gresham area for 35 years. I have four grown children, eleven grandchildren and four great-grandkids. (ALL BOYS!) My husband of 36 years, Garry, is a patient man who is willing to put up with my never-ending crates full of toys and supplies. For years, he was even willing to haul these crates from home to various bazaars and back. I gave him a break when I found NW Creations and Collectibles where my things could be displayed and sold every day.

I love to make special things for children to enjoy. If you want gifts for the little ones in your life that are like the things you enjoyed as a child, come see what I have to offer. I make special types of dolls, doll clothes for the dolls I make and also for the 11 & 12 inch fashion dolls, real sock monkeys, knitted animals, fleece bears, soft books and many other things.  I have been making toys for at least 45 years and I am willing to take special orders.  Even if I haven’t made one before, I will figure out how to accommodate you.

I also have a special “helper”, my sweet granddaughter Libby, who makes jewelry and pony bead key rings and helps me with the things I make.  She is a real budding artist and NW Creations is one of her favorite places.

Come in and see what we have to offer.  Your little ones will thank you for it.