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Red White and Blue Wool Pet Bed
NW Creations & Collectibles is a gift shop of vintage collectibles, handmade products and works of art by local artists, crafters, and collectors. Our mission is to provide you with a treasury of locally created originals. Over 85% of our products are locally handcrafted, and the rest provided by our collectors, so you can be sure that you are supporting someone in our community!

Please stop by our store to see the array of products we have to offer and the ever-expanding works of art from over 100 artists. Our artists take turns working in the store, and are constantly making new items to sell. It is a sure bet that each time you come you will meet new artists and see their latest creations.
In addition to the products you find on our shelves, many of our artists do custom orders. If you don’t find exactly what you are looking for, or in need of something special, please let us know. We will introduce you to an artist that can help.

With over 100 artists under one roof, it is truly like a Saturday market every day of the week.